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Creating enduring relationships with our guests has given Jordan Hospitality Group a unique sense of history and place. Years of providing highly-personalized service and gracious hospitality has placed our brands fondly in the minds of many. Atmospheres of informal elegance create a comfortable setting allowing our guests to engage in new experiences and flavors, expand their horizons, and strengthen relationships with those who share their table.

The relationships with our guests are created and nurtured by our people; our greatest asset. We believe that true world-class status can only be achieved when an organization combines extreme attention to detail with exceptional personal service. These are the values the Jordan family has established over decades, and these standards of excellence encompass all that we do.

To be at their best, we believe each individual must operate with dignity and integrity, while taking pride in and finding satisfaction with their work. Delivering personalized excellence depends on a united effort of each and every stakeholder and contributor. As humans, we are most effective when we work together cooperatively, while respecting each other's contributions and significance. At Jordan Hospitality group, our people bring these values to life.


We're on a mission to be one of the exceptional players in experiential dining. More than just building restaurants, we're creating experiences that thrill our guests and leave them ordering another round, tasting their way through our menus, inviting friends, and joining us time and time again.

We judiciously and deliciously build brands in cities loved by locals and travelers alike, and serve as the go-to destination for connecting, celebrating, and gathering.


Our goal? To create concepts that deliver a five-star experience by exciting the five basic senses. Fierce flavors, authentic atmospheres, and designing experiences worth sharing, are the inspirations for everything we do at Jordan Hospitality Group.

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